We implement business solutions in the field of project management.

Primakon d.o.o. offers services of practical project management that are based on 10 years of experience in working on projects and applying the adopted TenStep Inc. methodology in the Oracle Primavera information system. Primakon implements its own practice-based PrimaPI methodology, which can be adapted to meet the needs of every client and is a solution applicable on corporate levels and big investment project programmes.

Obtain solutions for planning and monitoring of projects in Oracle Primavera information system

  • consolidated multi-year business plans through project portfolios – strategic planning
  • strategic plans are elaborated into tactical – a level required for project management and project portfolio management, ensures effective monitoring of execution of business plans with more flexible possibility of amending them (up to monthly levels)
  • contractors’ operational plans form elaborate parts of tactical plans – provide daily or weekly insights into the project state
  • all plans are integrated by projects from strategic to operational level within the central project data base that allows for:
    • instant overview of the state of portfolios and projects, execution of scheduled tasks, use of budget…
    • insight into the future; projection of current trends in form of quality, time and costs (money and resources), estimation of project completion and total costs
    • creation of history of events for future revision and analysis
    • identification of problems in project execution (people, processes, problematic contracts…)
    • information on risks and impact of risks on projects
    • safe data access (parts of projects can be isolated, which is important for big projects)
    • increased resource efficiency through better planning and forecasting
    • greater satisfaction of employees and external contractors through clearly defined tasks
    • lower exposure to “unexpected events“ on the project
    • better communication and exchange of information