SOFiSTiK and Fides DVP

SOFiSTiK is a software company headquartered in Germany. It specializes in development of softwares for structural analysis of constructions and is among top companies for quality and comprehensiveness of solutions as well as the number of reference projects implemented throughout the world.

Fides-DVP from Germany is specialized in software development in the field of geotechnology. It is closely connected to SOFiSTiK for which it makes user interfaces based on numeric solvers.

For civil engineers SOFiSTiK and Fides-DVP offer FEA and CAE application solutions in building construction, bridge construction, geotechnology, dynamical analysis and fluid dynamics, steel construction design, tunnel and membrane constructions.

Designers and drawers are offered AutoCAD-based solutions for technical drawings, armature plans and 2D steel constructions design.

In Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina users are renowned engineering companies and educational institutions:

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Osijek
  • Civil Engineering Institute of Croatia
  • Croatian Institute for Bridges and Constructions
  • Engineering Design Bureau Zagreb
  • Designing Bureau Konstruktor Split
  • D&Z Zadar
  • Hering Mostar

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