CostOS by Nomitech – advanced Cost Estimating

We recognize that the Cost Estimating process is at the core of every project related company. CostOS is a mission critical system which allows you to value engineer and differentiate your solution whilst meeting your clients requirements. Helping you to win more work.

Our Cost Estimating solution, CostOS is specifically designed for companies that want to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challenges more quickly, with less effort, more accuracy, less risk, and with an increased level of confidence.



CostOS is designed, by industry professionals to meet all challenges, and represents the most technologically advanced Cost Estimating software available in the market today. From initial feasibility to final bid, CostOS can handle every stage, on one platform. So whether you are a Consultant, General Contractor, Civil Engineering Contractor, Specialist Subcontractor, large or small, then CostOS is the only solution you will ever need.

CostOS can be used at any stage of the costing process, from top level feasibility or cost plan, right through to the final bid, activity based or from first principles. Data can be sourced locally (historical), online (eg, Spons, Richardson, RS Means etc) or from a conceptual cost database. Moreover, this is carried out on one single platform.

Oil & Gas

The early phases of projects are the most challenging with regards to estimating. The assumptions of the Estimator affect dramatically the total estimated cost of the project and thus its scope and future. Nomitech’s parametric engine enables Facility Owners to build methodologies within CostOS and cost models based on previous experience, using historical and commercially available data. Thus, their estimating process can be automated leaving the estimator to focus on value engineering the parameters/ scope of the project, rather than manually pricing them or searching for factors. The engine is highly intuitive and innovative, and enables estimators / engineers to use their experience and build models quickly and easily (an approach that the majority of estimators may never have encountered before). In addition to the above, Nomitech offers ready made conceptual models, in co-operation with consulting firms that have many years of experience in the oil and gas field.



With CostOS you can streamline your Request for Quotes to suppliers, subcontractors or contractors and benchmark responses to compare with historical data. The centralized environment ensures collaboration to perform role based estimating and boost the productivity of your estimating department.

Simplify your work by using your 3D models for quantity take-offs, access real time information as the estimate is created and work with multiple currencies. Then perform material hedging and build your location factors to operate in multiple countries. Get access to knowledge bases with Man-hours and Equipment Prices and use CostOS’s powerful Parametric Engine to build up your rates and explore Constructability Analysis.



Estimators of Mining Projects have to resolve several challenges, and sometimes they work to the limits of Microsoft Excel or other systems that do not support relational databases.
The ability to utilize formulas and expressions of Excel, and work in a collaborative, role based manner over a central database adds a very important value and power to the organizations that decide to deploy the CostOS solution.
In addition the parametric engine of CostOS, together with GIS based capabilities, allow the estimators to work closely with the engineering departments and optimising the site layouts, methodologies, equipment specifications to be used as well as fabrication and transportation costs.